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A Joyful Concert on Campus

Date:Nov 14, 2022

In order to enrich campus cultural life, cultivate sentiment and help students grow up healthily, the university held the "2022 Joyful Concert" in Youth Square of Jiang'an campus on the evening of November 5.


Guo Yong, deputy secretary of the university Party committee, heads of relevant departments of the university and representatives of teachers and students participated in this activity. The piano team of the high-level student art troupe performed with passion. The concert took the form of live performance and online streaming simultaneously.


The concert opened with the “School Song of Sichuan University”, a piece of music characterized by impassioned tunes and concise lyrics, showing the artistic effect of magnificent momentum and beautiful melody. Coming up next, “River flows in You”, “Adilina by the Water”, “Playing in the Water”, “Moonlight”, “Don't Forget your Original Intention”, “Red Plum Praise” and other songs played in succession. Their beautiful conception and exquisite emotion have strong artistic appeal, giving the audience a sincere and hearty feeling, soothing their emotions, and purifying their hearts. During the performance, two rounds of raffle were carried out, and 15 lucky individuals won the carefully picked prizes.






The inspiring song "Defending the Yellow River" brought an end to the performance. The audience waved fluorescent sticks with the music beat, and the whole scene was immersed in the sea of music, pushing the concert atmosphere to a climax.


The beauty of music is pleasing to the ear and heart. In this heart pleasing concert, the piano team of the student art troupe interacted with the audience with 16 pieces of music with various styles. The melodious and fascinating piano music presented a rich audio-visual and spiritual feast, which was praised by both online and offline teachers and students.

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