Sichuan University (SCU) is one of China’s top universities under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Jianguo Wang is the Chairman of the university council, and Dr. Yanrong Li is the President.Sichua...

Sichuan University (SCU) is one of China’s top universities under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. Dr. Gan Lin is the Chairman of the university council, and Dr. Wang Jinsong is the President.

Sichuan University enjoys a long tradition in education and boasts a large number of prominent scholars and professors. It has a comprehensive range of disciplines covering 12 categories: the humanities, sciences, engineering, medicine, economics, management, law, history, philosophy, agriculture, education and the arts. In its long history as an institution of higher education, Sichuan University has accumulated a rich cultural heritage and laid a solid foundation in education. The university’s motto is, “As rivers run to the sea, united we are strong.” Its spirit is embodied in the following four words: prudence, diligence, truth-seeking and innovation. Striving to become a world-class, comprehensive, research-oriented university, Sichuan University has formed its own concept of higher education that promotes individualism, scholarship and excellence. The university is dedicated to providing high-quality education through an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to research and teaching that will help cultivate professional members of society who have a profound humanities background, deep expertise, a strong sense of innovation and a broad international horizon.

Sichuan University has exhibited great strength in research and made remarkable achievements over the years in the fields of the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. It has also actively promoted both national and regional socio-economic development, and it is constantly expanding its capacity to serve the community and society. Sichuan University has four hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health. These hospitals have played an important role in relief work after severe natural disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake and the Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province. In addition, they have made a significant contribution to the national development of public health care and the people’s well-being. By co-operating with world-renowned universities and colleges, Sichuan University has established well-rounded, joint education programs at different levels and in various forms with 214 famous universities from over 33 countries.

With its forward-looking perspective, Sichuan University is upholding its social responsibility to attract brilliant minds, train talent for the country, break new academic grounds and promote scientific and technological development. It will make new historical achievements, carry forward its legacy and look towards a bright future of innovation and new possibilities.

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