Joint Research Center and Laboratory

Date:Jul 11, 2018

1. International Joint Research Centre for Oral Diseases

Main Fields: (1) pathogenesis and prevention of oral infectious diseases, (2) craniomaxillofacial bone deformities and reconstructive, (3) oral mucosa carcinogenesis and metastasis, (4) tooth loss and missing repair, and other major research directions are original and systematic

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2. International Joint Research Center for Polymer Materials and Engineering

Main Fields: (1) macromolecular new materials, (2) macromolecular processing

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3. International Cooperation Research Base for Energy Reserve and CCUS

Main Fields: (1) Nickel-based alkaline batteries: Ni-MH battery, Ni-Fe battery, (2) Lithium-based batteries:Li-ion batteries, Li-S battery, and Li-air battery, (3) Fuel cells:Proton exchange membrane fuel cell, Solid oxide fuel cell, (4) Supercapacitors: Electric double-layer capacitor, Pseudocapacitor

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4. National Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Biomedical Materials

Main Fields: (1) tissue induction and mechanism of biological materials, (2) multi-functional nanocarrier materials and their targeted/intelligent delivery systems, (3) medical molecular imaging, (4) cell scaffold materials and tissue engineering, (5) surface and surface biological activation, (6) biomechanics

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5. National Engineering Laboratory for the Preparation of Bio-Oil from High-Energy Vegetative Matter

Main Fields: (1) highly efficient cultivation of jatropha, (2) microalgae breeding, (3) biodiesel conversion, (4) vegetable oil refining bio-jet fuel, (5) biomass pyrolysis and liquefaction for production of bio-fuel

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6. National Joint Engineering Laboratory for Oral Regenerative Medicine

Main Fields: (1) study on dental tissue engineering and dental regeneration technology, (2) study on clinical application of stem cells, (3) study on digitized prosthesis of dental maxillofacial, (4) study on oral biological material engineering technology

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7. National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Environmental Protection Polymer Materials

Main Fields: (1) use renewable biomass resources to prepare biodegradable polymers and materials, (2) bio-based polymers, (3) environment-friendly halogen free flame retardants and flame retardant materials, (4) recycling and utilization of waste polymers, and (5) functional polymers and biomedical polymers

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