State Key Laboratory

Date:Jul 11, 2018

1. State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy

Main Fields:(1) Basic Research to Improve the Treatment of Major Human Diseases, (2) Target Identification and Drug Discovery, (3) Pilot-Scale Production, (4) Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics, (5) Pre-Clinical Safety Evaluation, (6) Clinical trials

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2. State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases

Main Fields:(1) Prevention and Treatment of Oral Infectious Diseases, (2) Development of New Types of Dental Materials and Biomaterials, (3) Etiology and Treatment of Oral Maxillofacial Anomalies, (4) Metastasis/Treatment of Oral Cancer

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3. State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering

Main Fields:(1) Research on New Technologies and New Principles of High Performance of General Polymer Materials, (2) Research on Polymer Forming Theory and Technology, (3) Research on High-Performance and Functional Polymer Materials, (4) Regeneration and Utilization of Waste Polymer Materials and Environment-Friendly Polymer Materials, (5) Research on Polymer Materials for Oilfield Development

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4. State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering

Main Fields:(1) High Speed Hydraulics and High Dam Engineering, (2) River Dynamics and Mountain River Engineering, (3) Environment Hydraulics and Mountain River Protection, (4) Dam and Reservoir Bank Safety, (5) Water Information and Water Conservancy New Technology

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