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SCU Held the 36th Teachers' Day and Commendation Meeting

Date:Sep 21, 2020

SCU held its 36th Teachers' Day and Commendation Meeting on Sept.10. The attendees included Chairman Jianguo Wang of the university council, President Yanrong Li and other university leaders; An-min Li, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Qi Wang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; distinguished professors Shunqing Cao, Benhe Zhong, Shichuang Zhan and principal heads of various departments and business entities, and relevant personnel. The meeting was conducted in the Duxing Building with a sub venue in the conference room of the Mingle Building. Vice President Lin Zhang presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms. Ping Cao, deputy secretary of the university Party committee, read out the commendation decision.

Yong Guo, deputy secretary of the university Party committee, and Liangyin Chu, vice president of the university, presented prizes to the winners of the “Advanced Individual Award” in 2020.

Vice President Bin Liang and Vice President Rongjun Li presented awards to the outstanding CPC members in 2020.

Taiping Hou, vice president, and Ping Cao, deputy secretary of the university Party committee, presented awards to outstanding Party workers in 2020.

Zhijian Chen, deputy secretary of the university Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Shijing Yan, vice president of the university, presented awards to winners of Sichuan University's "Morality and Talent Award" in 2020.

Weilin Xu, executive vice president of the university, presented awards to winners of the "Baogang Award" in 2019.

Jianguo Wang, chairman of the university council, and Yanrong Li, President of the university, presented awards to the advanced work units, advanced Party branches and advanced grassroots Party committees in 2020.

Professor Zhiyong Zong of West China Hospital, Sichuan University, and winner of the “National Advanced Individual Against COVID-19” award said in his speech that the experience of fighting the pandemic reinforced my belief that doing a good job is the right way to go. We must seek to make progress, work hard at research, bring up more and better students. We need to contribute to the development of SCU’s double first-class program and endeavor to build a great motherland.

“Be professional and dedicated to career”.

In her speech, Wei Lin, an “Advanced Individual Award” winner and professor of the College of Biomass Science and Engineering, said that a teacher should be "student-oriented". They should not only keep learning, have an extensive scope of knowledge and enough resources, but also encourage students to "open eyes and open mind". As leather professionals , we should strengthen the sense of responsibility and contribute to the inheritance and development of leather specialty.

Shunqing Cao, a distinguished professor and winner of "Morality and Talent Award", said in his speech that a university is carried on and forward by generations of teachers and students. It forms one academic school after another, and is at the forefront of human cultural innovation. The school of Sichuan university should provide a deep cultural care and cultural wisdom in the process of inheriting and developing the Chinese culture, building a community of shared future for mankind, and promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning as well as dialogue on an equal footing.

In his speech, Jianliang Pei, Secretary of the teaching staff Party branch at the Department of Underground Space Engineering, College of Water Resource and Hydropower, introduced the Party development and work features of the grass-roots Party branch where he is located, and said that he would deem this award as the starting point and work hard to make contributions to the "two greatness" of the university.

On behalf of all the students of Sichuan University, Jiahui Yang, a Class 2019 doctoral student of the College of Chemistry, expressed her sincere gratitude to all the teachers in her alma mater and presented her sincere holiday wishes.

In his keynote speech, Lin Zhang indicated that the award winners are representatives of SCU’s numerous remarkable teachers and staff members. For a long time, many outstanding staff work conscientiously and make selfless dedication in their respective positions, such as teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, management and so forth. It is the joint efforts and dedication of all of us that has enabled the university to progress, and improve its comprehensive strength and social influence steadily. I hope that all the faculty and staff can learn from the excellent and contribute to the "double first-class" development of the university.

The Development and Planning Division (“Double First-Class Development and Evaluation Office) won the ‘Sichuan University Advanced Work Unit” award.

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