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The University Held the "Double First-class" Development Evaluation and Summary Meeting

Date:Sep 23, 2020


SCU held its “double first-class” development evaluation and summary meeting in Mingde Building, Wangjiang Campus on Sept. 15 according to the Ministry of Education’s requirement for periodical self-evaluation and assessment of double first-class development. This is a comprehensive expert evaluation and summary meeting on the basis of the previous evaluation and assessment of 12 key disciplines (groups). Chairman Jianguo Wang of the university council, President Yanrong Li, and other university leaders attended this meeting. In attendance also were 20 members of the expert group: Bi Shi, head of the expert group and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE); Jie Gao, academician of CAE; Xingdong Zhang, academician of CAE; An-min Li, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS); outstanding professors Chu Xiang, Shunqing Cao, Benhe Zhong and Wei Huo.




At the meeting, President Weimin Li of the West China Hospital, Dean Yi Li of the College of Literature and Journalism, Dean Wei Huo of the School of History and Cultures (Tourism), Dean Weinian Zhang of the College of Mathematics, Dean Jinsong You of the College of Chemistry, Director Yunbin Wang ofthe National Engineering Research Center for Biomaterials (NERCB), Director Guangxian Li of the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Material Engineering, Professor Jia Li of the College of Water Resource and Hydropower, Professor Bi Shi, the chief expert of the advanced light industry technology and environmental protection discipline group, Professor Hongxin Deng of the State Key Laboratory for Biotherapy, Professor Xuedong Zhou, chief scientist of stomatology, andProfessor Jiuping Xu, chief scientist of management science and national governance discipline group, respectively reported the overall situation of the "double first-class" development, such as benchmarking, landmark achievements, existing problems and improvement measures of their individual discipline groups.


Weilin Xu, the executive vice president, made an overall introduction of SCU’s self-evaluation of the “double first-class" work, the general situation, completion of individual tasks, development of academic subjects and typical cases. He then analyzed and put forward improvement measures of the“double first-class" work at the university

After hearing the reports, the experts discussed in depth the issues of the “double first-class” development and agreed on a review opinion. The expert group believed that during the first phase of "double first-class" development, the university has increased its school running level and ability. Besides, the university has made great contributions and played an irreplaceable role in the national and regional economic and social development, working out a way to create a world-class university in the western region.


In his closing remarks, President Li pointed out that the university has achieved great results with many highlights in the first phase of the "double first-class" development, especially in the cultivation of top-notch innovation-oriented talent, knowledge creation from 0 to 1, and in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.SCU has made great strides not only in liberal arts, science, engineering, medicine but also in personnel training, scientific research, teaching staff, discipline development, social service, international exchange and cooperation, and cultural inheritance and innovation. This has laid a solid foundation for the next phase of work. Of course, we have to understand that compared with the world-class universities, the gap is still obvious though we have made progress already. He stressed that the double first-class development is on the way and gains speed. SCU will enhance its support of the development of 12 key discipline clusters and make forward plans for the development of discipline groups so as to promote the "two greatness" of the university.


In his speech, Chairman Jianguo Wang, on behalf of the university, expressed his gratitude to all staff members, especially academicians and experts, for their great contributions to the "double first-class" development of the university. Although SCU has made great progress, there are still three deficiencies in the development of the "double first-class" program in our university: one is the shortage of high-end talent; the second is the lack of high-level original achievements; and the third is that the cultivation of tip top talent still needs to be strengthened. The whole university should enhance the sense of crisis and urgency. On the basis of doing a good job of "double first-class" evaluation, we should not slacken regarding the fifth round of discipline evaluation. We should adopt a holistic approach and work as a team. We must draw upon the characteristics of Sichuan University and do all we can to develop the first-class academic subjects and tell a good story of Sichuan University.

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