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The 2022 Annual Scientific Research Work Summary and Commendation Conference

Date:Jan 12, 2023


SCU held an annual meeting to summarize its scientific research in 2022 on Wangjiang campus on January 5. The meeting reviewed the scientific research work of the university in the past year and commended remarkable scientific research workers. Chairman Gan Lin of the university council, President Li Yanrong, and all other leaders attended the meeting. CAS and CAE academicians Zhang Xingdong, Shi Bi, Wang Qi; distinguished professors Zhong Benhe, Zhan Shichuang and Huo Wei also attended the meeting. Vice President Chu Liangyin chaired the meeting.


Fu Qilin, director of the Social Sciences Department, reported the scientific research work of liberal arts in 2022. He said that the university made new breakthroughs regarding the development of high-end liberal arts talent team in 2022.The total number of projects approved by the National Social Science Fund has reached a record high, and the construction of scientific research base/platform has reached a new level, serving the national strategy and local economic and social development.


Liu Chao, director of theOffice of Scientific Research and Development,delivered a report on the scientific research work in science, engineering and medicine of our university in 2022. He said that the university further implemented the pilot plan of "Innovation 2035". We continued to promote the development plan of science, engineering and medicine, vigorously accelerated cross discipline scientific research, strengthened scientific and technological research in key areas, and worked hard to build a national strategic scientific and technological force. Many important breakthroughs were made in core scientific research indicators.


Vice President Yao Leye read out the name list of winners of scientific research awards in 2022, including the excellent scientific research achievement award, excellent scientific research talent award, major project, scientific research base award and platform organization award, advanced scientific research management award, etc.


Vice presidents Ye Ling and You Jingsong presented awards to the representatives of the winners of major humanities and social sciences projects in 2022.



Deputy secretaries Guo Yong and Zhang Wei presented awards to the representatives of winners of major projects in science, engineering and medicine in 2022.


Vice presidents Liang Bin and Yao Leye presented awards to the winners of the 2022 Sichuan University Academic Newcomer Award.


Zhang Zhuo, deputy secretary of the university Party committee and Vice President Hou Taiping , presented awards to the winners of the Young Science and Technology Talent Award in 2022.


Executive Vice-President Xu Weilin, and Vice President Liang Bin, presented awards to winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2022.


Xu Weilin and Yao Leye presented the award to the "Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Sichuan University in 2022".



Gan Lin and Li Yanrong presented awards to the "2022 Sichuan University Science and Technology Award Winners" and "2022 Selected Outstanding Achievements Winners in the National Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences".


Professor Yuan Zujie of the School of History and Cultures, Professor Yu Dagang of the College of Chemistry, Professor Yang Shengyong of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, and Academician Wang Qi(academician of CAE) of the Institute of Polymer Research, came to the stage to speak as representatives of award winners.


In the keynote speech, Vice President Chu Liangyin said that, standing at the new starting point of the new era, the rank and file scientific research workers in the university should shoulder the mission of the times, further improve the level of scientific research and innovation, focus on strengthening the new driving force of social services, and contribute more strength to the realization of high-level science and technology self-reliance.

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