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The Meishan Campus, Sichuan University Launched

Date:Jan 6, 2023

The project of the Meishan campus of Sichuan University was launched on December29. Gan Lin, Chairman of the university council of Sichuan University, Li Yanrong, President of SCU, Hu Yuankun, secretary of the Meishan municipal Party committee, and Huang He, mayor of Meishan, attended the launching ceremony. Vice president Xu Weilin and vice president Hou Taiping of SCU , leaders of Meishan city, and Chen Yang, general manager of China MCC5 Group Co., Ltd., among others, participated in the activity. The event was hosted by Huang He.

In his speech, Hu Yuankun, on behalf of the Meishan municipal Party committee and the municipal government, congratulated on the launching of the Meishan campus project. He pointed out that Sichuan University and Meishan city have had extensive and in-depth cooperation in education, medical care, talent training and so forth. Under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee and government, the two sides work together to build the Meishan campus of Sichuan University, introducing the first of "double first-class" universities in the education history of Meishan, which will certainly contribute more to the rejuvenation of Sichuan through science and education. Meishan will earnestly implement the cooperation agreement and promote project construction with high standards and efficiency.

In his speech, Li Yanrong, on behalf of the university and Chairman Gan Lin, expressed his gratitude to the Meishan municipal Party committee and government for their long-term support to Sichuan University. He pointed out that the Meishan campus project of Sichuan University is a great event in the cooperation between the city and the university. The construction of Meishan campus is a strategic plan for both the city and the university to focus on the future. It is also a landmark measure for Sichuan University to integrate high-quality service of Meishan into the development of Chengdu metropolitan circle. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence. He hoped that both sides would give full play to their advantageous resources to build Meishan campus into a new campus with the core function of "two platforms and two bases", featuring top-notch quality, first class facilities and environment. He also hoped that this project would provide new momentum to SCU in developing a world-class university and become a new name card of Meishan in its assisting the development of Chengdu metropolitan circle.

Gan Lin announced the inauguration of the Meishan campus project.

The Meishan campus project of Sichuan University is located in the east quarters of Mindong New Area (the parcel of land to the east of Mindong Avenue and the south of Minhei Expressway). The total planned land area is about 3,000 mu, including about 1,000 mu in phase I, 1,000 mu in phase II, and about 1,000 mu in the surrounding area. The investment of the first phase is about 3.2 billion yuan, and the building area is about 307,000 square meters. A new technology research and development and technology pilot test platform, a high-level interdisciplinary platform, a humanities and social sciences research base (Dongpo Academy), an international cooperation and exchange base, etc. will be built to carry out high-level scientific research and high-level personnel training. The project plans to complete the foundation construction in June 2023, the main body construction in November, and the completion acceptance in July 2024.

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