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8 Gold and 2 Silver: SCU Came out a Big Winner at the 8th China International College Students’ “Internet +”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Date:Nov 18, 2022

The Final ofthe 8th China International College Students’ “Internet +”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held on line fromNovember 10 to 13. With the concerted support and help of multiple departments in the university, SCU teachers and students participated in the competition via a live broadcast studio in the university’s Engineering Library. They won eight gold medals and two silver medals, ranking among the top three in the country, and achieved the best record in terms of gold medals. In this competition, SCU’s "Hero Technology", "Roaring Dog" and "Zheng Guang" ranked first in their respective categories, and five other projects won a gold prize in the finals of "Youth Red Dream Building Tour" track and industrial track.


During the competition, President Li Yanrong and vice president You Jinsong encouraged and supported the teachers and students. The university set up a special work group to provide good living conditions for the teachers and students participating in the final roadshow. All teams played well and won eight gold medals in a single "Internet plus" competition, the best results in history.

A rundown of the prize winners


Hero Technology

At present, domestic flexible circuit boards are facing a huge demand gap due to foreign monopoly and raw material blockade. The Hero Technology  team independently developed and realized the industrial preparation of 10 tons of artificial melanin annually, and successfully developed a new flexible display circuit board with effective heat dissipation, super bending resistance, strong electromagnetic shielding and good dielectric properties based on the regulation technology.


Roaring Dog

With the rapid development of Internet technology, China's cyberspace is confronted with unprecedented security threats. Drawing upon the advantages of multi-disciplinary approach, "Roaring Dog" team has achieved breakthroughs, through years of teamwork, in key technologies, built an all-round three-dimensional security defense system, and protected the national cyberspace.


Epiphyseal Neogenesis

Under the leadership of Zhou Zongke, director of the Orthopedics Department, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, the epiphyseal neogenesis team is committed to high-quality development of joint prostheses. Through in-depth learning of personalized modeling technology, the technology distinguishes the joint differences between patients and makes the prosthesis match each patient. The team has created a joint prosthesis with bone fusion and regeneration to enable patient's joint regeneration.


Zheng Guang

Under the guidance of Professor Zhao Dewei and Professor Lan Jingbo of the College of Chemistry, the team developed Zheng Guang LAN series molecules by means of new molecules, efficient routes and optimal processes, thus creating long-life, low-cost and efficient perovskite batteries.



Under the guidance of Professor Ke Bowen, Professor Liu Jin and postdoctoral fellow Gan Yu of the Anesthesiology Department of West China Hospital, the team has designed and developed a new ultra-short acting anesthetic drug called Anshujie,  which is safer, more comfortable and faster. The new medication brings patients convenient diagnosis and treatment experience.


Phosphate Pioneer

In response to the "double carbon target", Guo Xiaodong, Wu Zhenguo, Li Haoyu and other students developed three core technologies: targeted enrichment, efficacy integration, and element oriented reconstruction, which innovated the process flow, and realized the cost increase in the whole production process of lithium iron phosphate cathode material. Their achievements won the first prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The technical achievements of the project have passed the industrial level verification and have been applied to the production line to help the industrialization development and technology upgrading of power batteries and large-scale energy storage.


AI for Kids

The project gathers interdisciplinary talent from Orthodontics, Computer Science, Business Administration, etc., to form an AI enabled medicine+ "software, hardware, mode" linkage solution to the orthodontic needs of children and adolescents. This technology improves the dental health of children and adolescents, creating the most beautiful smile based on "scientific and technological confidence, medical confidence and national confidence" in the new era in China.


Early Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is the "number one killer" threatening mankind, causing tens of millions of deaths every year. China ranks first in the world in terms of death toll. The five-year survival rate of the late stage is less than 20%, and the burden of cancer in rural areas remains high. The root cause is the difficulty in early diagnosis and the lack of standardized treatment. Given this situation, this project has explored the "three early" intelligent management mode of cancer in the whole cycle, characterized by the early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of common high incidence malignant tumors, promoted the homogenization of tumor diagnosis and treatment.


Brain Treatment

The project is directed by Professor Lv Su, Doctor Zhao Youjin and Professor Gong Qiyong of Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine (Radiology) of the West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University. Under the guidance of neuropsychiatric imaging technology, the research team launched a software product - Brain Structure Visualization Early Screening Platform to classify neural images and achieve early accurate screening of such diseases, so as to delay brain aging by 5-10 years and enable patients to age at ease. The product has equipped 18 hospitals and has great market potentials, enabling early screening, prevention and control of senile encephalopathy.


Radiation Watch

Personal radiation dose measuring equipment is the health guarantee for nuclear personnel. Through the analysis of artificial intelligence algorithm, this device evaluates the working environment safety and working conditions of radioactive workers in real time, and builds personalized radiation risk management system to provide radiation health early warning or alarm.

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