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SCU’s 2022 New Hire Orientation Training

Date:Nov 9, 2022


SCU held its 2022 orientation training for new teachers and workers in Duxing building, Wangjiang campus on Nov. 1. Gan Lin, the secretary of the university Party committee, Li Yanrong, the president, Cao Ping, the executive deputy secretary of the university Party committee, Zhang Lin, the vice president, heads of relevant units of the university, personnel officers and all new teachers and workers attended the training. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Lin.


Gan Lin welcomes new colleagues. He hoped that all new teaching staff would integrate into Sichuan University as soon as possible, actively change their roles and adapt to their posts. He also hoped that the new employees would inherit the academic tradition of previous scholars, carry on the one-hundred-year old spirit of Sichuan University, practice and maintain the morality of the teachers of Sichuan University. He said that talent work and the development of teachers' team have always been the top priority of the university’s work. The university will put the work of teachers, especially the work of young teachers, in a more prominent position, and do its best to create a better environment and a better platform for teachers to be comfortable in teaching and devote themselves to educating people.


Li Yanrong, on behalf of the university, welcomed all the new teaching staff and briefly introduced the overall situation and future development goals of the university. He said that Sichuan University is one of the universities with the longest history, the largest scale, and strong comprehensive strength and influence in China. In the university’s fourteenth “Five-Year Plan", the new round of "double first-class" development and the long-term plan for 2035, we will focus on the problems such as the insufficient number of high-level talent, the limited number of peak disciplines, and the lack of spirit to pursue excellence. We will strive to achieve the main goal with "1, 10, 100, 1000" as the core. He said that the next 5 to 10 years will be a critical period for the growth and development of young teachers. He hoped that everybody would do well in academic research and management services with higher standards. Efforts should be made to broaden our vision, especially international vision. Everybody should attend more high-level academic organizations and conferences at home and abroad in order to enter the mainstream and the forefront as soon as possible. At the same time, we should be a good teacher, educating people by words and deeds, and make due contributions to the comprehensive promotion of the development of a world-class university.

Zhou Chenchen, an associate professor of the West China School of Stomatology, Dr. Li Yang of the College of Chemistry, and Dr. He Juan of the West China Hospital shared their growth experiences in their speeches. They hope to work together with all new teachers and staff in making contributions to the university's goal of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.


At the training, the university leaders presented school badges and panda mascots to the representatives of the new teachers and workers. Leaders of the relevant departments of SCU introduced the situation of the university and the departments, and said that they would provide better service for the new teachers and workers.


The orientation training also had a forum of famous teachers. Xie Heping, an academician of the CAE, had in-depth exchanges with new teachers from four aspects with the theme of "Innovation and Creation from Ordinary Imagination – a Talk with Young Scholars".


Zhang Lin stressed that he hoped that each new teacher and new staff member would aim at perfection, get into the habit of being excellent and strive to realize their ideal and achieve self-fulfillment in the process of building the university into a world-class university.

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