Yin Rutie Was Selected as “Good Doctors and Good Nurses in China”

Date:Sep 28, 2023

The August list of “Good Doctors and Good Nurses in China” has been released. Dr. Yin Rutie, a chief physician of the West China Second University Hospital (WCSUH), was selected as one of the ten "Good Doctors and Good Nurses" of the month. The event was jointly organized by the Office of the Central Steering Committee for theDevelopment of Spiritual Civilization and the National Health Commission.

Being director of theDivision of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy of West China Second University Hospital, Yin Rutie is a member of the Chinese Farmers' and Workers' Democratic Party, chief physician, and academic advisor for doctoral students. She has made significant achievements over thirty years of hard work in the field of gynecological tumor treatment.

Being dedicated to her original intention for 30 years

Yin Rutie graduated from the Clinical Medicine School of West China Medical University in 1991 and has been working in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of WCSUH for over thirty years.

During her doctoral studies in 2003, Yin Rutie and colleagues, under the guidance of Professor Peng Zhilan, a renowned gynecological oncologist, established the "Vulvovaginal Cervical Lesions" sub major to explore the diagnosis and treatment techniques of vulvovaginal cervical lesions, and contributed substantially to the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.

In 2006, Yin Rutie led the establishment of the "Gynecological Tumor Chemotherapy and Biotherapy" sub major, forming a nationally renowned gynecological tumor chemotherapy and biotherapy team to provide better postoperative adjuvant treatment for patients.

In 2018, Yin Rutie successfully established the Tumor Radiation Therapy subspecialty of the first women's and children's hospital in China, the first of its kind. She made it possible to provide closed-loop management of gynecological tumors from early diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, providing comprehensive treatment for gynecological tumor patients.

Remain truthful to the original intention of kindness and public welfare, demonstrate responsibility

Starting from December 2017, Yin Rutie led her team to visit the Yi ethnic community in Laoliangshan two to three times a year. Over the past five years, they provided free cervical cancer screening, colposcopy examination, and consultation services for 4,728 women in Liangshan prefecture, benefiting the people of Liangshan. They conducted 226 cervical biopsies, screened and discovered over 54 patients with CIN2. Two were diagnosed with cervical cancer, and one was diagnosed with vaginal cancer. In addition, she gave lectures, provided clinical guidance and trained several skillful doctors for Liangshan prefecture.

At the same time, Yin Rutie delivered public lectures and online consultations on various online platforms organized by national professional committees and various foundations to help gynecological cancer patients nationwide, answering their questions and concerns.

Caring for patients gently and whole-heartedly

A doctor has benevolent skills and a compassionate heart.

“Gynecological tumor patients not only have to endure the pain of physical disability after organ removal, but also face many social problems. Having seen the warmth and coldness of the world, I hope to be able to help them.”, said Yin Rutie.“We provide psychological counseling to every new patient and their families, cheering everybody up in the ward with laughter and positive energy.”

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