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SCU Held the Fourth Teachers' Congress and the Fourth Session of the Third Trade Union Congress

Date:Jul 3, 2020

On June 29, SCU held the Fourth Teachers' Congress and the Fourth Session of the Third Trade Union Congress. The meeting had one main venue and nine branch venues. Around 620 people attended the meeting. They included the university administrators, president's assistants, committee members and representatives of the two congresses, and the middle-level cadres of the university. Vice President Rongjun Li presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, President Yanrong Li made the “University Work Report”. The report was divided into two parts: "A brief review of the university’s work since 2019", and "Key work in the next stage and the general idea for the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan". He pointed out that since 2019, SCU has greatly promoted the "3 + 6" key tasks and focused on three important work projects. First, we have comprehensively promoted the study, dissemination, research and interpretation of Xi Jinping's new socialist China thought and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Second, to accelerate the "double first-class" development of universities, the MOE and Sichuan Province have signed an agreement to jointly develop eight "double first-class" universities, including Sichuan University. Third, we formulated the implementation opinions for the modernization of university governance system and governance capacity, completed the adjustment of institutional settings of government organs and business units, and further promoted the reform of university and college two-level management system. In the meantime, the university has made significant progress in six aspects, including Party building and ideological and political work, personnel training, teaching staff development, international school running ability, the West China medicine entering the world-class ranks as a whole, and school running conditions.

He stressed that 2020 is the year for the layout of the "14th Five- Year Plan". SCU should do well in the preparation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" while doing a good job in the "4 + 2" key work. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the overall goal of the University is to comprehensively improve the ability of personnel training and knowledge innovation, comprehensively accelerate the pace of developing a world-class university with Chinese features, and strive to enable the core competitiveness of the university to rank among the best universities in China. During this period, the University will focus on seven major tasks: first, deepen the education and teaching reform, make the "inquiry type-small class" classroom teaching reform more well-known, render the general education curriculum a new nameplate, let the strong foundation plan and top-notch talent training become the Sichuan University plan. The second is to implement the strategy of strengthening the university with talent, strengthen the development of high-level talent team, double the number of high-end talent, and build a high-level teaching team commensurate with a world-class university. The third is to promote the connotation development of the liberal arts, science, engineering and medicine, optimize and adjust the disciplinary structure, promote the interdisciplinary integration, strive for several disciplines to enter the world's most popular list, and create a number of discipline clusters with international influence. Fourth, we should build a first-class scientific research and innovation system, speed up the construction of large scientific devices and national scientific research platforms, and promote a number of original achievements with international influence. The SCU’s core competitiveness of scientific research is in the forefront of universities in China. Fifth, we should reinforce social services, actively participate in the construction of the two-city economic circle in Chengdu Chongqing region, accelerate the development of new high-end think tanks, and constantly improve the ability, and level of social services. Sixth, we should strengthen cultural heritage and innovation, deeply participate in national large-scale cultural projects, inherit and innovate excellent Chinese culture, tell Chinese stories and make the voice of Sichuan University. Seventh, we should promote international exchanges and cooperation to high-end development, build an international education park, create a "study in Sichuan University" brand, and improve the level of international and open education. We hope that through this "meeting of two congresses”, we can listen more closely to the opinions and suggestions of all representatives, pool wisdom and strength, and promote the school to move forward with faster speed and higher quality.

Jianguo Wang, the university council chairman, summarized the achievements of SCU since 2019, analyzed the opportunities and challenges that SCU faced in its development in 2020, put forward unequivocal requirements for the next stage of work, and hoped that everyone could better perform their duties and responsibilities and promote SCU’s development. He stressed that 2020 is a milestone year, and the faculty and staff must accurately grasp the current situation, remain unfaltering about development, seize opportunities and meet challenges, do not slacken on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, unswervingly accelerate the "two greatness" scheme of the University, so as to lay a more solid foundation for the realization of the goal of world-class university. We will spare no effort to do a good job in the fifth round of discipline evaluation and the first phase assessment of "double first-class" development. We should work conscientiously at the development plan of the University’s "14th Five-Year Plan". He hoped that all representatives would bear in mind the trust and expectation of the whole faculty and staff, earnestly perform their duties, actively offer ideas and suggestions, and contribute wisdom to the development of the University.

The meeting also made the "University Financial Work Report" and “SCU Teachers' Congress and Trade Union Work Report" to the participants in written form.

The meeting commended the advanced units and representatives for proposal reply and handling in 2019. Weilin Xu, the executive vice president, Ping Cao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the University, and Rongjun Li, vice president, presented awards to the winners.

After the meeting, individual delegations held discussions. During the discussions, the delegates made extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the “University Work Report", the“General Ideas of Sichuan University on Formulating the Development Scheme of the "14th Five-Year Plan" (discussion draft)” and the “Guiding Opinions of Sichuan University on Improving the Academic Evaluation System (discussion draft)", etc. The delegates also deliberated on the "University Financial Work Report" and "SCU Teachers' Congress and Trade Union Work Report". This meeting of the "two congresses" was held in the special period of epidemic prevention and control. It not only innovated the form, enriched the content, but also adopted the interdisciplinary group method, which was more conducive to in-depth discussion of representatives from different disciplines. 

It is believed that the meeting will better mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the faculty, reinforce unity and pool strength, focus on the pursuit of excellence, and comprehensively accelerate the development of a world-class university with Chinese features and Sichuan University style.

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