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SCU Students Won Championship in the 21st National Robotics Competition for College Students (RoboCon)

Date:Aug 15, 2022

The 21st National Robotics Competition for College Students (RoboCon) drew to a close recently. 121 teams from 74 universities across the country took part in this competition. The teams came from Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology and so on.After three days of fierce competition, the SCU team Chuanshanjia won the national champion of the "robot equestrian event" and the first prize of the "creating brilliance together” of the 21st RoboCon. The team’s results are the best in the history of SCU.

Chuanshanjia is made up of 27 undergraduates from the School of Mechanical Engineering and the College of Electronics and Information Technology. Wu Jianbo, a faculty member of the School of Mechanical Engineering, is the head coach.

This year's competition consists of two events: "robot equestrian competition" and "creating brilliance together” “Robot equestrian competition” tests the design and control of the robot horses. It is divided into racing, obstacle and other events. The final ranking is based on speed, the number of obstacles, the time score and the weight of the robot horse. On the other hand, "creating brilliance together" takes "Lagori" as the theme. Lagori is a popular offensive and defensive game in ancient India. The organizer has turned it into a competition called "creating brilliance together" in which robots are used to build towers in the competition.

In "robot equestrian race", the SCU team crossed the seesaw, ladder, double wooden bridge and high hurdle in 3 minutes to show the forward movement, climbing and jumping of the machine horse, which fully reflected the team's design level for the gravity center, friction and jointflexibility of the machine horse, winning the team the first place of the race.

In preparing for the competition in the past year, the "Chuanshanjia" team members cooperated withoneother, providing support and encouragement to one another. With the help of the instructors, they made all-out preparations for the competition and constantly overcame technical difficulties. Regarding the changes to themselves brought by these experiences, Zhao Zixin, a Class 2019 undergraduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, said: "This RoboCon competition is of great significance to our team. Besides the excellent results we have obtained this time, the good performance is a witness to our hard work. Participating in the competition allows us to transform the basic theoretical knowledge learned in the class into practical ability, and tackle technical problems. The interdisciplinary discussions have broadened the boundary of our professional knowledge." After the competition, teams from other universities had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the SCU team. "We have seen many excellent designs of other universities at the competition. Both the mechanical structures and the competition skills and strategies have laid a solid foundation for our future robot design and production.

RoboCon is the most challenging and influential college robotics competition in China. The participants need to use professional knowledge and technical means such as machinery, electronics, control and computer to complete the design, preparation, debugging and maneuvering test of robots in 10 months. During the contest, the students are supposed to skillfully operate the robots to complete the tasks prescribed by the organizing committee of the competition.

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