Que Lin of the West China Hospital of Stomatology Was Named "Exemplary Individual of National Foreign Aid Medical Work"

Date:Dec 29, 2023

The National Health Commission issued a decision to commend the advanced collectives and exemplary individuals of the national foreign aid medical work on December 13th. Que Lin, deputy chief physician of the head and neck tumor surgery department of West China School(Hospital) of Stomatology (WCSS), was awarded the honorary title of "Exemplary Individual of the National Foreign Aid Medical Work".

Mr. Neves, the then Minister of Health, Labor and Social Affairs of Sao Tome and Principe, issued a certificate of appreciation to Quelin in 2021.

Que Lin was a member of the 16th batch of Chinese medical team to aid Sao Tome and Principe. He provided remarkable oral health services and won high praise from local health departments and patients for his superb treatment skills and contribution.

Moreover, he conducted the Epidemiological Survey of Teenage Caries on Sao Tome Island and completed the survey and oral health education of students in six major regions of Sao Tome Island over three months. He worked out the first national oral caries survey report in Sao Tome, provided data for local caries prevention work and helped with applying for relevant international assistance. He also published a scientific research article as the first author inBMC Oral Health, This article is STP’s first academic research article on oral health.

Que Lin conducts oral health examinations for local children.

2023 marks the 60th anniversary of China's medical aid to foreign countries.The WCSS (West China Hospital of Stomatology) will remain truthful to its original intention and mission, and actively participate in medical aid to promote the high-quality development of the Healthful Silk Road and make new and greater contributions to building a human health community.

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