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SCU Held a Meeting to Promote “Double First-Class” Development

Date:Mar 24, 2022




SCU held a meeting to promote the second phase development of "double first-class" status in the Wangjiang Gymnasium on March 18. Chairman Wang Jianguo of the university council, President Li Yanrong, academicians Gao Jie, Xie Heping, Wei Yuquan, Zhang Xingdong, Shi Bi, Wang Qi, Xu Weilin, distinguished professors Cao Shunqing, Zhong Benhe, Zhan Shichuang and Huo Wei attended the meeting. The university also invited academicians Chen Lin, Chai Tianyou, Jiang Song, He Kebin and Dai Qionghai to take part in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Cao Ping, the executive deputy secretary of the university Party committee.


Xu Weilin, the executive vice president, reported on the main achievements of the "double first-class" development during phase I and the main contents of the development plan in the new phase. He pointed out that in the Ministry of Education’s first phase evaluation of "double first-class" development, SCU was rated "remarkable" in terms of the overall development level and ranked in the first tier of universities under "double first-class" development. The university will work hard at "five construction tasks" and "five reform tasks" in the new phase of "double first-class" development. Guided by the five pilot projects, the university will focus on 14 first-class disciplines (groups) and a number of advancement disciplines in hopes of driving the overall improvement of the university's discipline level, comprehensively promoting the development of a world-class university.



Wang Jianguo issued the letter of appointment to chief scientists of the first-class disciplines (groups) and advancement disciplines of the second phase “double first-class” development.



President Li Yanrong signed letters of responsibility for discipline development objectives with the chief scientists of first-class disciplines (groups) and advancement disciplines.


The School of CarbonNeutrality Future Technology and the School of Intelligent Science and Technology were inaugurated at the meeting.


In his speech, Li Weimin, dean of the West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital, expressed, on behalf of all chief scientists, his gratitude toward the university for its trust and support. He said the West China School of Medicine will accelerate the combination of medicine and engineering, effectively improve of the original innovation ability, and further strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation in the new phase of double first-class development.


In his speech, Professor Huo Wei, the chief scientist representative of the advancement disciplines said that Sichuan University is a prestigious university with a long history and profound heritage. We will work hard and pursue excellence on the basis of inheritance and development as well as inheritance and innovation.


In his speech, President Li expounded three major issues: the relationship between the new phase of "double first-class" development, the university's "14th five- year plan", and the Innovation 2035 Pilot Plan and the target responsibility system of the college in the new phase; the difference between the new phase of "double first-class" development and the first phase; and the core tasks of the new phase of "double first-class" development. He also put forward requirements for the two newly established schools: the School ofCarbon Neutrality Future Technology and the School of Intelligent Science and Technology.

He said that the center and focus of various development plans is the new phase of "double first-class" development, which is consistent with the objectives of other development plans of the university. It is to build the university into a world-class university with Chinese features as soon as possible, initially enter the ranks of world-class universities by 2025, join the ranks of world-class universities in terms of main school running indicators and overall strength by 2035, and some advantageous disciplines advance to the forefront of the world.

He stressed that the crux of the new phase of "double first-class" development is to work hard at the core competitiveness, to especially highlight high-level scientific research, high-quality talent training and high-level talent team. The core is to take the five pilot plans as a breakthrough and make the combination of medicine and engineering bigger and stronger. Moreover, we need to build a first-class faculty team with higher standards. The essence is to further strengthen the development of a talent team made up of ‘scholars who are recipients of the national research funds for youth’ on the basis of the "double hundred talent" project.


In his speech, Chairman Wang Jianguo, on behalf of the university, expressed gratitude to all sectors of society and SCU teachers and students for their long standing support and great contributions to the development of the university. He comprehensively summarized the fruitful results and successful experience SCU acquired in the first phase of "double first-class" development, explained the profound connotation of "Sichuan University style and Chinese features", and systematically deployed the "double first-class" work of the university in the new phase. He pointed out that SCU has achieved fruitful results in the first phase of "double first-class" development, and the working mechanism in four aspects is worth summarizing and improving. First, we should drive the development of the whole academic subjects through the establishment of discipline groups. Second, we must adhere to the chief scientist responsibility system. Third, the coordination and guarantee of colleges and departments. Fourth, implement a closed-loop management mechanism of six procedures.

He emphasized that in the second phase of "double first-class" development, all teachers and students of the university should deeply understand the rich connotation and specific requirements of "double first-class" development as a major national strategy and deployment, uphold the Party's overall leadership, give more prominence to the orientation toward first-class talent training, the national strategic needs and a world-class status, and speed up the development of a world-class university with Chinese features and Sichuan University style. In the new era of development, our university should concentrate on the objectives of "1, 10, 100 and 1,000" and the long-term goal of 2035, and vigorously promote the "five construction tasks" and "five reform tasks" with "ten first-class" as the core.


Subsequently, the university held a high-end forum on the development of new engineering, and invited Chai Tianyou, Chen Lin, He Kebin and Xie Heping to give keynote reports respectively.


Chai Tianyou is giving a report via webcam.


Chen Lin is giving a report via webcam.


He Kebin is delivering a speech.


Xie Heping speaks during the meeting.

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