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SCU Delegation Visits Singapore, Japan and South Korea

Date:May 17, 2019

In order to accelerate the construction of a double first-class university, vigorously benchmark against international first-class universities, learn and summarize the rules of running first-class universities, President Yanrong Li and Vice-President Weilin Xu led a delegation to visit famous universities of National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Chiba University, Waseda University, Tohoku University, Seoul National University and Yonsei University from May 6 to May 14, 2019. The purpose of these visits was to expand the cooperation between our university and the first-class universities in Asia, especially in the areas of students exchange and the recruitment of outstanding young talents. At the same time, the delegation investigated the operation and management mode of the first-class comprehensive universities and their interdisciplinary integration, the integration of medicine and engineering in particular. The delegation was warmly received by foreign universities.

During the visit, Yanrong Li introduced the basic situation of our university and the idea of double first-class construction. He had a fruitful discussion with administrators of those universities on strengthening the connotation construction of disciplines, innovating the cooperation between universities, expanding the fields of cooperation, and creating the superior disciplines of international first-class level. On May 7th,  Professor Subra Suresh, President of Nanyang Technological University, and Professor Andrew Wee, Vice-President of National University of Singapore, had friendly discussions with the delegation respectively. Professor Subra Suresh, President of Nanyang Technological University, introduced the school's future vision and the background of the establishment of its school of medicine. He hoped that through the joint efforts of the two universities, more in-depth and extensive cooperation in teacher-student exchanges and scientific research would be carried out. Professor Andrew Wee, Vice President of the National University of Singapore, introduced the history and current situation of the university and the successful experience operating the school of medicine. Afterwards, he had an in-depth discussion with SCU delegation on interdisciplinary issues, medicine integration and management model of large-scale comprehensive universities.

During his stay in Singapore, Yanrong Li paid a special visit to the students of Sichuan University who were studying in the National University of Singapore to learn about their study and life in the university. He also met with the representatives of the Singaporean Alumni Association to encourage them to offer more support for the development of the university. The delegation also participated in the Singapore Youth Talents Seminar organized by the university’s Personnel Office.

Meeting with President Subra Suresh of Nanyang Technological University

Meeting with Vice President Andrew Wee of the National University of Singapore

Sichuan University Overseas Promotion in Singapore

A Visit with SCU students who study at NUS

A Visit with SCU Alumni in Singapore

Flag for SCU Singaporean Alumni Association

On May 9th,  the delegation held friendly talks with President Tadakura and Vice-President Watanabe at Chiba University. The two parties held in-depth discussions on the development strategy of Japanese super university and cooperation in medical field. When visiting Waseda University in Japan, the atmosphere of the talks was cordial and friendly. President Aiji Tanaka welcomed the delegation and expressed his wish to strengthen cooperation with Sichuan University in scientific research cooperation and student exchanges. On May 10th,  President Li's delegation visited Tohoku University in Japan. Professor Junzao Zhimu, Executive Vice-President of Tohoku University, and Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi, exchanged ideas with the Sichuan University delegates. Professor Junzao Zhimu reviewed the cooperation between the two universities and expressed his willingness to further expand the areas of cooperation. The two parties also discussed the interdisciplinary issues and the integration of medicine and engineering, and they also had a good discussion on further cooperation in teacher-student exchanges and personnel training in the future. In addition, the delegation visited the Institute of Electrical Information, the Institute of Materials, the Institute of Disaster Research and the Medical College of Tohoku University. Afterwards the delegation held a symposium for outstanding young scholars in Tokyo.

Meeting withJunzao Zhimu, Executive Vice-President of Tohoku University

Meeting with President Aiji Tanaka of Waseda University

SCU delegation held a symposium for outstanding young scholars in Tokyo

On May 13th,  the delegation visited Seoul National University, South Korea, and was warmly welcomed by President Oh Se-Jung . The two sides exchanged views on the joint training of students, mutual visits of teachers and cooperative scientific research between the two universities. The delegation also visited the College of Medicine at Seoul National University. Shen Canshu, dean of the College of Medicine, introduced the basic situation of medical science and research at Seoul University and their practices and experiences in international medical services. In addition, the delegation visited Xi Jinping Library of Seoul National University. On May 14th,  the delegation visited Yonsei University. Professor Yong-Hak Kim, President of Yonsei University, highly praised the cooperation with our university. He hoped that in the future, the two universities will further develop multi-field and multi-level exchanges and cooperation, especially in the field of Humanities and social sciences. After the meeting, the two presidents signed a student exchange agreement. President Li presented a series of books compiled by our university to Yonsei University. During the visit to the College of Medicine at Yonsei University, SCU West China School of Medicine signed a memorandum of cooperation with the College. While in Seoul, the delegation also visited the Chinese Embassy in South Korea. Ambassador Guohong Qiu met with the delegation. He fully affirmed the characteristics and influence of Sichuan University, especially its achievements in recent years. He hoped that Sichuan University would further strengthen its in-depth cooperation and exchanges with top universities in South Korea.

Visit at Xi Jinping Library of Seoul National University

Meeting with Chinese Ambassador to South Korea: Guohong Qiu

Meeting with President Oh Se-Jung of Seoul National University

Signing Ceremony of Student Exchange Agreement with President Yong-Hak Kim at Yonsei University

Framework Cooperation Agreement between West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University and Yonsei University College of Medicine

Leaders of SCU Institute of Scientific Research and Development, World University Construction Office, Office of Social Sciences, West China School of Medicine, President’s Office and International Office participated in the visit.

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