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SCU Meeting of Top-Notch Academic Discipline Construction

Date:Nov 8, 2019

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In order to accelerate the realization of the discipline construction goal of "greatly improving the overall level of disciplines and forging a number of world-class disciplines", the university council decided to adopt the “Sichuan University top-notch academic discipline construction plan” after the evaluation of SCU academic committee in July this year. The committee has decided that six academic disciplines, such as Chinese Language and Literature, Chemistry, Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Stomatology and Nursing Science, will be constructed as the top-notch disciplines at this stage.

SCU held its meeting of top-notch academic discipline construction on October 25th. Chairman Jianguo Wang of the university council; President Yanrong Li; Xingdong Zhang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Shunqing Cao, SCU distinguished professor; Weilin Xu, executive vice president; Vice President Shijing Yan, and Vice President liangyin Chu; and heads of relevant departments and colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Weilin Xu.

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Weilin Xu said in his speech that SCU needs to further improve its ability to serve the national needs of academic discipline construction, and enhance its advantage of a comprehensive university with interdisciplinary integration. The university is confronted with an urgent development issue whereby there is only a plateau but no peaks. In this context, the university has issued a top-notch academic discipline construction plan, which focuses on building a number of prestigious disciplines and promotes the overall development of disciplines.

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At the meeting, Zhong-ming Li, director of "World-Class University Construction Office", introduced about various aspects of "Sichuan University top-notch discipline construction plan", and briefly explained the related work of the fifth round of discipline assessment.

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Xingdong Zhang, professor of Engineering Research Center in Biomaterials of Sichuan University, Shunqing Cao, Professor of College of Literature and Journalism, Qianming Chen, Professor of West China School of Stomatology (West China Hospital of Stomatology), Ka Li, Professor of Nursing School of West China Hospital, Youjie He, Professor of Biomass Science and Engineering, and Jinsong You, Professor of College of Chemistry made a report respectively about the current situation and challenges they face in the construction of top-notch academic disciplines. They put forward suggestions as to how to make up for weaknesses and scale the new heights.

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Yanrong Li, on behalf of the university, expressed his gratitude to all teachers, faculties and colleges for their efforts and achievements in the development of the university. After giving a feedback to the construction plans of six individual top-notch disciplines, Yanrong Li indicated that SCU has remained steadfast on the road of connotative development, and made progress in discipline construction in recent years. Overall, the university is making headway in personnel training, teaching staff, scientific research and social services. In terms of a specific point of view, it still faces the problem of a plateau with no peaks. This is not commensurate with the status and reputation of Sichuan University, nor with the efforts of teachers and students. Thus, the university will employ overall planning and unified organization and guide all disciplines, especially top-notch disciplines, to identify problems, aim at weaknesses and make precise efforts, so as to highlight the advantages and characteristics of Sichuan University. Yanrong Li emphasized that the university will focus on the leading role of discipline construction, and use the fifth round of discipline evaluation and "double first-class" construction mid-term assessment and evaluation as the starting point to sort out the problems and improve the construction level. The university will consolidate its resources to develop top-notch academic disciplines, so as to promote the overall level of discipline construction.

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Jianguo Wang pointed out that to build a "double first-class" university, we need to realize that talent training is the foundation, teachers are the key, and discipline construction is the leader. This meeting is not only the work meeting to research and discuss top-notch discipline construction, but also the meeting to expedite the discipline construction under "double first-class" construction in our university. He also laid out specific requirements for further strengthening the primary work of discipline construction and promoting the construction of top-notch disciplines. Jianguo Wang suggested that the university do everything to ensure the construction and development of various colleges and disciplines. He also hoped that everyone can make joint efforts to achieve expected results in the construction of top-notch academic disciplines.

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